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Kissing Games and Games for Boys

Sometimes you are tired of all that serious work you have to accomplish in front of your computer. You can stop for a while and try to do something funny. What can you do? You can play computer games. It doesn’t mean that you should go for these games where you can’t breathe until the end of it. You can go for games that are funny and relaxing.

One of the funniest games that may raise your interest are the kissing games. If you make brief research, you can find lots of them. They can usually be played online. Why they are funny? Because you must keep kissing until you win the game. The graphics are quite well done. Beside the two characters that must kiss each other, there are others that are making the situations funnier, like an old lady, or someone who throws tomatoes to the main characters heads.

Besides that, you can start kissing cinema stars or other celebrities you may dream to kiss. You can go for games like Office love, Kissing Paris Hilton, Kiss Evolution, Sneaky Kissing and other titles just like these. You are the only one who can decide if you are interested in these kinds of games. People seem to be interested, otherwise these games will no longer exist on the market. You know, as long as it is requested it will survive.

Besides the games mentioned above, there are other games that can be played by children and adults as well. The games you will read about in the next rows are mostly for boys. They can also be played by girls who feels they like competition and adrenaline more than Barbie Dolls. The games for boys made quite interesting. They can learn how to build things, create war strategies, participate at car races, or motor races. They can fight with bad heroes and monsters and save the world from destruction.

There are so many things they can do. They can develop their imagination through these games, and see themselves as small heroes claimed by the entire world. These are the usual dreams of a little boy. You can pick for them any kind of game, but you should take into consideration his age.

Content Marketing – 5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Info Business and Sales

Content based marketing solutions like article marketing, blogging, and ezine publishing are the best ways to reach out to your target market when you’re running an online business. PPC and banner ads may attract people’s attention or pique curiosity but content distribution leaves a lasting impression. By simply sharing your knowledge in your niche to your target audience, you’re actually helping, educating people and that’s something that they won’t forget in a split second.

Here are the things that you can do to make your content marketing campaign more effective:

Be an expert. The only way that this internet marketing tool will work for you is if you’re really an expert in your niche. People will easily take you seriously if you make sense and if you’re really helping them. So, before you even decide to use this tool, ensure that you’ve got more than enough knowledge to share. Increase what you know by doing extensive research or perhaps, by doing experiments. Interviewing other people who are considered authorities in your field will also help. Strive to find the answers to all the questions that your potential clients might have.

Learn how to write enticing headlines. When people online search for specific information, they’ll get a list of web pages and articles on search page results. They decide which one to read based on the headlines or titles. Yours will not be ignored if you give these people a clear idea as to what is in store for them. Strive to make your headlines attention-grabbing, benefit-driven, and extremely intriguing. Use words that will help you target your prospect’s emotional hot buttons.

Always deliver high quality content. Your success in this endeavor will always depend on the quality of your content. So, don’t be in a hurry when tapping on your keyboard. Always think of your readers and do all your might to ensure that they’ll walk away truly happy. Remember, this isn’t just about getting something out there or building links for your website. It’s all about making a lasting mark and impressing your readers so they’ll come back over and over again. In the end, they’ll most likely to consider doing business with you.

Strive to deliver something new. When writing about the same niche over and over again, it’s really difficult not to talk about the same topic twice. However, try to talk about something new or something current that will excite your readers every now and then. Make it a point to check RSS feeds before you start your day. Know the latest issues that are related to your business and products and be the first one to write about them. It would be good to be known as a great source of useful and new information, right?

Proofread. Be a responsible internet marketer and writer. Do not publish what you’ve written without reviewing and editing them. Check your content for grammar, spelling, or even factual errors. Ensure that the content flow smoothly and that every part of it is worth your readers’ while.

Media Addiction Quiz for Teens: Do TV, Video Games and Computers Run Your Life?

Welcome to “The Media Generation”

Teens are spending so much time watching TV and playing with their computer and video games that the Kaiser Family Foundation has dubbed this generation “The Media Generation.”

The recent study found that children aged 8-18 were watching TV, playing video games, on their computers, and listening to music for a total of 6 hours and 23 minutes EVERY DAY! Many kids were doing two or more activities at once. Most of this time is still spent watching TV. Kids spent almost four hours every day watching TV. With so much time in front of TV and other media, perhaps Kaiser should have labeled it “The Media-Addicted Generation.”

What excess TV, video game, and computer use may be doing to you

How much time you spend in front of a TV, video, and computer screen is important, because these activities have been linked to obesity, attention problems (like ADHD), and poor grades. Violent content may condition you to accept violence in your life. The sexual content of many popular shows and games may encourage you to experiment before you are ready. The TV can act as a depressant, stifle your creativity, encourage conformity, and simply waste your valuable time.

Find out if you are part of “The Media-Addicted Generation”:

1. Does your family have more than one TV set? Yes [] No []

2. Are you in front of a screen for more than 2 hours per day?Yes [] No []

3. Do you sometimes have trouble getting TV or video game

jingles “out of your head”? Yes [] No []

4. Is there a TV/video game/computer playing in your

home much or all of the time? Yes [] No []

5. Do you have a TV, video game, and/or computer in your

bedroom? Yes [] No []

6. Is it easy for you to turn off the TV/video game in the

middle of a favorite show/game? Yes [] No []

7. Do you ever rush home, ditching friends and family, to

catch a favorite TV show, play video games, or go on the

computer? Yes [] No []

8. Do you frequently eat meals while in front of the TV,

video games, or computer? Yes [] No []

9. Have you ever caught yourself unintentionally mimicking

a TV or video game character? Yes [] No []

10. Do you talk to and play with your friends more than you

watch TV, play games, and play with computers? Yes [] No []

11. Can you turn off the TV, computer, and video games OFF

right now and leave them off for three days? Yes [] No []

12. Do you ever mindlessly surf through TV channels or

the internet? Yes [] No []

13. Do you need TV, video game, or a computer to relax after

a rough day? Yes [] No []

14. Do you feel edgy, anxious, or “not right” if there is no TV,

video game, or a computer playing? Yes [] No []

15. Do you watch TV, play video games, and/or play on the

computer more than spend time with your family? Yes [] No []

16. Do you ever watch the TV, play video games, or surf

the internet longer than you intend to? Yes [] No []

17. Do you feel spend too much time with TV, video games,

or computer? Yes [] No []

18. Have you missed a special event with friends or family

because you were watching a TV program? Yes [] No []

19. Have you ever tried to quit watching TV, playing video

games, or going on computer, but were unsuccessful? Yes [] No []

20. Do you have difficulty limiting the time you watch TV,

play video games, or go on the computer? Yes [] No []

*Note: Time spent on the computer for homework purposes does not count:

To calculate your score:

For all questions, except for #6, #10, and #11, give yourself 1 point for every “Yes” answer and 0 points for every “No”. For questions #6, #10, and #11 give yourself 0 points for every “Yes”, answer and 1 point for every “No”. Add your total.

Your total: ____________


0-6: Great! Your TV, computer, and video games are not in control of your life. You are. But keep an eye on how much time you spend with these activities to make sure an addiction does not sneak up on you.

7-14: You are moderately addicted to your TV, video games, or computer. Maybe all of them. The good news is that with a little effort, a list of fun non-screen activities, and a reasonable schedule you should be able to keep your addiction under control. “The TV-FREE System” also helps you create a schedule that keeps you busy with fun, goal-centered activities. Follow your dreams instead of staring at a screen..

15-20: Oh dear. You probably have a serious addiction problem. You may need to take extreme steps, including getting rid of your TV or video games, to get in control of your time. Start with the device which squanders the most of your time. The good news is “The TV-FREE System” was designed to help even the most serious addict, and can be used for video game, or computer addiction as well.

Life is too short to “watch” it go by.